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Old Fashioned Service, Today’s Newest Technology

About Our Hearing Center

Old Fashioned Service with Todays Newest Technology

Maryland Hearing Aid Service Eastern Shore was established in 1997. When we decided that we needed to provide the people of Kent Island and the surrounding area’s with a full service hearing care facility. This would allow our residents of Queen Annes county to have a local facility and not have to travel over the bay bridge for their hearing health solutions.

As a Hearing Aid Dispenser with a certificate from the International Hearing Society as an Audioprosthologist, our dedication and desire is to provide our patients with the most current “state of the art” hearing instruments. As professionals we will work with the highest quality and most technologically advanced hearing products we feel are best for our patients. In partnering with you to help solve your hearing care needs we provide you with superior service and the best possible hearing you can have.

Give us an hour, we have the solution to make your life better.

There are more than 30 million people in the U.S. living with hearing loss. The first step to better hearing is to visit a specialist who can evaluate your problem. We have years of experience in assessing hearing deficits and fitting hearing aids.

Our Commitment to You

“Adequate hearing is crucial to your health, communication, and happiness. We match the benefits and features of the latest technology to your activities and individual requirements.”

At Maryland Hearing Aid Service Eastern Shore, a compassionate and kind staff of hearing professionals will greet you. The specialist will evaluate your hearing loss, and recommend a solution based on your results.

Hearing Testing

Our hearing instrument specialist can administer the necessary test to evaluate your hearing impairment. She will explain your results, address your questions and concerns, and recommend hearing aids that suit your lifestyle.

Follow-Up Care

To ensure your success and to provide you with the full benefits of your hearing aids, the specialist offers weekly check-ups and follow-up evaluations.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Because we want you to be satisfied and pleased with your new hearing aids, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you do not like how it feels, how it looks, or how well you hear.

Large Selection of Devices

We offer many styles, sizes, and technologies. You will be impressed with our full selection of listening devices and hearing aids. The Hearing Aid Dispenser is sensitive to your needs and can help you pick a device that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Maryland Hearing Aid Service Eastern Shore
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